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Carey Frisch [MVP]

One cannot "downgrade" XP Pro to XP Home.....
a "clean install" of XP Home is required.

Use the following procedure for a "Clean Install" of Windows XP:

The Windows XP CD is bootable and contains all the tools necessary
to partition and format your drive. Follow this procedure and allow
Windows XP to partition and format your drive:

NOTE: It would be best to physically disconnect all your peripheral hardware
devices, except the monitor, mouse and keyboard, before installing XP.

NOTE: If you have an internal Zip Drive installed, physically disconnect the
EIDE and power cable to it before proceeding, otherwise your main
hard drive may not be assigned the customary C: drive letter.
After installing Windows XP, you may then reconnect it.

1. Open your BIOS and set your "CD Drive as the first bootable device".

===> Accessing Motherboard BIOS

2. Insert your Windows XP CD in the CD Drive and reboot your computer.
3. You'll see a message to boot to the CD....follow the instructions.
4. The setup menu will appear and you should elect to delete all the existing
Windows partitions, then create a new partition, then format the primary
partition (preferably NTFS) and proceed to install Windows XP.

5. Clean Install Windows XP

[Courtesy of Michael Stevens, MS-MVP]

6. ==> Immediately after installing Windows XP, turn on XP's Firewall.

7. After Windows XP is installed, visit the Windows Update website
and download the available "Critical Updates".

8. After installing the critical updates, be sure and visit the support website
of the manufacturer of the computer to download and install any
available Windows XP compatible drivers, such as video adapter
and audio drivers.

9. If you happen to run into any installation difficulties, use the following resources:

How to Troubleshoot Windows XP Problems During Installation;EN-US;310064

Troubleshooting Windows XP Setup

[Courtesy of MS-MVP Kelly Theriot]

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows XP - Shell/User

Be Smart! Protect Your PC!



|i have i window xp pro ,and want to instal xp home
| can i do that ?

Tony Talmage

Out of curiosity - why? I think you'll need to format in order to
downgrade, and you'll still be installing the exact same operating system,
minus some security features. If you have a legit copy of XP Pro and you're
wanting to install XP Home, I would recommend against it as formatting is a
big hassle, but that's just my opinion.

Patti MacLeod

Hi Mike,

If you're wanting to install XP Home in place of XP Pro, you would have to
perform a clean install, as you can't install Home over top of Pro.



xp pro and xp home are precisely the same thing from the
standpoint of functionality... unless you're heavy into
networking and network settings. xp pro has a few (not
nearly enough in my opinion to make the OS TWICE the
price of the home version) extra settings and extra
services in networking and security. honestly, they're
stuff i'd never use in the first place.

anyway, what i'm saying is that xp pro is the "better"
version of xp. do not install xp home over xp pro.
that's like moving into a new home that's huge and also
has a pool, and paying someone to come and tear down one
wing of the home and fill the pool in with dirt.

seriously, you'll notice no difference in functionality.
they perform the same for all software that i've ever put
on them. (dad has pro, i have home).

R. C. White

Hi, Mike.

Let me join the chorus: Home is a step down from Pro for most of us, so
replacing Pro with Home is probably not a good idea.

But, your question is not clearly worded. Maybe you are asking if you can
ADD Home to your existing Pro installation. I've not done this, but I'm
pretty sure that you can do this have (or can create) a
separate volume (primary partition or logical drive) for Home.

If you want to add Home to Pro to create a dual-boot system, just boot from
the WinXP Home Edition CD-ROM and follow the prompts. Setup will detect the
existing Pro installation and offer to "clean install" Home into a separate
volume. Tell it to put Home into the other volume. It will install Home
where you tell it and update C:\boot.ini to add Home to the opening menu of
operating systems. (When there is only one choice on the menu, the boot
process skips this menu; if you had only Pro in the past, you may never have
seen this menu before.)

Please post back with your experience if you do this. As I said, I'm pretty
sure it will work this way, but I'd like to confirm that in case someone
else asks the same question. In a newsgroup, we all learn from each other;
maybe it's your turn to teach us now. ;<)




Ken Blake

Mike said:
i have i window xp pro ,and want to instal xp home
can i do that ?

Only by doing a clean installation. There's no way to downgrade.

Why do you want to do this? Are you aware that XP Home is a
subset of Professional? There's nothing in Home that's not also
in Professional, and no advantage to be gained.


Why would you want to? XP Home is crap -- stick with the Pro version (even
though it's not perfect either).



Ken Blake

Lightweight said:
Why would you want to? XP Home is crap

That's nonsense.

XP Professional and XP Home are exactly the same in all respects,
except that Professional has a few features (mostly related to
networking and security) missing from Home. For most (but not
all) home users, these features aren't needed, would never be
used, and buying Professional instead of Home is a waste of

-- stick with the Pro version
(even though it's not perfect either).

*Nothing* is perfect.

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