From ME to XP Pro.



I just updated to Windows XP Professional from ME, and I
cannot find my files that were on the desktop, such as
documents and such. Also when i go into the C Drive, some
of the programs will not work. Do you know the problem.




Hi Mark,

Items Are Missing After You Upgrade to Windows XP Professional

Icons, Favorites, E-Mail Messages, and Customization Is Missing After
Upgrade to Windows XP Professional;EN-US;Q307229

OLEXP: Mail Folders, Address Book, and E-mail Messages Are Missing After You
Upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP;EN-US;q313055

Missing Data or Program Settings After Upgrade to Windows XP;EN-US;Q312942

Also, when you log on to the computer for the first time, Setup disables all
of the program files (all .lnk and .exe files) by removing them from the
Startup folder and the Run key in the registry, except for the "known good
programs", which are not removed.

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