Formula refers to empty cells even when cells contains data


Monica Rustogi

I have a worksheet with link to external data source. The option is enabled
to ask me to enable auto refresh or disable auto refresh.

I have used 'Sumif' and 'vlookup' function to calculate certain values. Now,
even when the data is available in cells, the error checking option shows me
a little green flag with error as 'Formula refers to empty cells'.

I do not understand why the error is coming.

There is another problem in the worksheet that is even when i disable auto
refresh i still change my values that was there when i saved the worksheet
last time though the worksheets that receive data from datasource do not

Please help as all my data sheets are going heywire.




It is most likely due to a formatting error. The item you are looking up is
not able to be read in the format you are currently in. Try clicking on the
green flag, click the exclamation point, and try changing the cell to number.

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