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How can I format cells so that there is the same distance from the text in
every cell? Some cells may be one line of text while others may be 5 lines
of text. I would like to find a way to not have to go back and manually
change the row heights. Seems like there would be some way to get this done.
I sure can't figure it out.




If you are looking to format the row height, go to format, select row,
then select height and type in the number. You may have to experiment
with it a couple of times to get what you are looking for. Also, if
you go to the top left corner and select the whole page, right click,
and select format cells, on the "Alignment tab you can select to
center the information in the cells, using the horizontal and vertical




Gord Dibben

Would be easier and more accurate if OP was to select the column in question and

Then format the cells to center vertically if desired.

Note to OP..........row height is a property of the entire row so you cannot
have varying cell heights across a row, just down a column.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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