Forest to Forest authentication



Hi all,

We have Windows 2000 workstations & servers AD in mixed mode, SP4 + all
I am implementing a testing domain.
Current testing servers which are on the live domain will be moved to the
test domain.
Access is required by users from the live system to certain servers that
will be on the test domain - so a 1 way trust has been put in place.
I have a DNS secondary of each other implemented.
However I beleive Forest trusts are not transitive so when a user logs on to
the test domain from the live domain and tries to use a resource it asks for
credentials to allow access to the test domain / server in question.
LM hosts entries have been put in place for the 2 DC's involved & on the wks
i'm using for testing logons etc.

Is there a way round the authentication problem ?

I thought of putting credentials in the batch file that maps drives to
commonly used shares, but what about UNC access requirements ?
I currently cant browse to the test domain from the live 1 but can ping by
name & ip address all servers ?

Is there a solution to this ? Ideas please ?
Thanks - Rob.


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