Foreign Character Support in the Application


Nilesh Kikle


Background -
I have developed 3 Tier application on Windows 2000 SP2 Platform.
Front End - We are using Web (HTML Controls, DHTML, Java Script)
Middle Tier - Business Objects are coded in Visual Basic 6 (SP 5),
objects are deployed in COM+ environment
Database Tier - We use ADO (MDAC 2.5) to connect to Oracle 8i

So far we were using our product in Domestic Markets. Now it looks
like we need to move it to international Market like Europe and East Asia
(Japan to be specific). We have to determine whether our application can
take Foreign Characters and store them in database via middle tier.

With the understanding that VB uses internally Unicode, COM+ is Unicode
aware and IE controls are also Unicode aware, I am now starting for further
investigation. But I am not sure from where to start. Please provide your
expert advise as to where to start from, what things I need to consider to
make sure that this product will support foreign characters as entered by
foreign users.

I started from Microsoft MSDN
and found that MDAC 2.5 and later does not support Oracle Unicode features.
I am not sure if this affects me or not.
I also looked at OTN and found that Oracle 8i has National Language Support.

We also found that systems in Japan use Double Byte Code.
And from MSDN we have
I am not sure how this affects us.

Please provide any help or Links to make sure that the technologies that we
use will support Foreign Characters.

Thanks in advance.



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