Force feedback /Rumble not working on Vista




I don't know if this has been discussed here or not, but here's the problem:

I own two gamepads, one "generic USB vibration gamepad" and one "Saitek
P880", they used to work fine in my old installation of Vista, but after a
hard drive crash I had to reinstall the system. So everything works fine
except these two.

I have installed updated drivers for the Saitek and followed the
instructions they give on their support forum to solve this problem, which
apparently is quite usual on Vista. Also installed a "vista fix" which were
some registry entries to add, from Saitek.

Nothing of that worked at all. The gamepads work fine, but forcefeedback
won't show up.

Any clue on this, guys? Help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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