Force Drive Letters



Is there a way to positively Force Drive Letters?

I have a problem with Windows XP, ramdomly changing the drive letters.
Using My Computer/Manage/disk management, I have set my CD and DVD devices
to "V" and "W" to avoid the constant re-lettering of these drives due to the
addition of removeable storage (USB memory devices or flash memory cards).
For some reason, the next re-start after using a removable drive (either
with the drive in place, or removed), Windows XP forgets the letters that I
have reassigned the CD/DVD drives, and it reassigns new letters to them again
(and to the removable drive if still in place), to whatever configuration it
thinks appropriate at that moment (the letters vary). The end result is that
my CD-ROM and DVD-ROM always seemed to be labeled with a different drive
letter. (Sometimes the optical drives are first, sometimes the USB drives -
not consistent)

I have changed the drive letters in My Computer/Manage/disk management, and
re-booted afterward to save the changes. The drive letters may remain, until
I add a removable drive, but then they ramdomly change. They change again
when I remove the temporary drive, but do not return to the set (desired)
drive letters. There does not seem to be a way to make the settings
permanent. I thought that I had this corrected when I removed the visible
and hidden/non-present drives in device manager, the the fix was not

This moving target of changing drive letters is causing other programs to
have problems since they never seem to know where to find the constantly
moving optical drives.
How do I force Windows keep the drive letters that I have assigned to these

Very frustrating!


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