Font not available in 2007


Jane N

I recently received a new computer w/ Windows 7 and Office 2007. I was using
a 2003 word document with Olive Oil font. When I open this document w/v.2007
the document is filled with wing dings. If I try to change the font to
something basic like Ariel it changes everything to square boxes. Is there a
way to convert this or load the old font?




When you open the document in 2007, save the file as a .docx file, close it,
when you open that file check if your fonts are showing correctly. If that
doesn't work check if you can download the font somewhere else.

Not sure if you can convert the font for 2007 compatibility.

Hope that helps :)

Peter T. Daniels

Copy the font from your old computer onto a flash drive, and then copy
it to the Fonts folder of the new computer. (Or to some other folder,
and right-click its name and choose Install; or, to save space, use
the new Windows 7 option of "installing via shortcut," which also
appears in the right-click "context menu.")


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