Finding Grid Positions in a Property Grid


James CC

Hi there,

In C Sharp, I want to find the Y position (center, or top and bottom would
do) of the individual rows of a PropertyGrid. Is that possible?

In other words, I want to be able to find out the Y position, relative to
the top left of either the PropertyGrid or its container, of the properties
listed, for each item listed, or even better for an individual item.

I did find I could do the following to get something :

Point p = new Point(0,0);
Control ctrl = propertyGrid1.GetChildAtPoint(p);

The ctrl returned is a restricted object of type

I'm currently poking around in that to see what I can find, but it's tricky,
and most of it is protected or internal code, and since it is restricted it
could change in the future, so hopefully someone has an idea or some


James CC


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