Find multiple repeated values in a Pivot Table



I have a pivot table which is created from multiple consolidation ranges that
looks something like the following:

Row Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk5 Wk6...
A Name 654 35 3813 0 0 0
AN Other 684 764 34 86 83 385
B Name 68 0 0 0

So far I have 14 weeks of data.

I need to be able to find 2 cases:
1. As in row 1, where the last n entries are 0, for different values of n
that can be entered dynamically.
2. As in row 3, where there are (the same n) entries in a row with value 0
and then blank entries.

I'd rather not have to use a macro since the security settings in this
environment are unreliable and can be very locked down unpredictably. I'm
hoping that some of the database functions will provide what I need, but I'm
not very familiar with these or the underlying statistical theory etc.

If I have to choose, I'll go for case 1 over 2.



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