fill tree recursivly with data from database



Hi folks,

I guess I need a little help on this one.
I'm developing a web application using the TreeView object from the
WebControls (System.Web.UI.WebControls). Hierarchical data are read
from the database through a stored procedure. They have the following

Name id level
AE 500100 3
AF 500200 3
AE A 500110 4
AE B 500120 4
AF A 500210 4
AE AA 500111 5
AE AB 500112 5

and so on...

so the id tells me what the parent is.

The tree should now look like this:

- rootNode
+ AE
+-AE A
| |
| |- AE AA
| |- AE AB
| |
| |- AF A

I seem to have some problems with an recursive algorithm, so could
anybody give me a code snippet or something to get me on the right
I've tried using the Tenary Search Tree Dictionary
(, but yet haven't found the
right thing.

Thanks in advance,
Junky ;-)


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