File Structure Errors



I have win xp with a seagate serial HD. Last thing I did was try to remove
norton 2004 pro, now the computer starts to load XP times out tries to
reload XP, in a loop.(safe mode & last known good doesn't work either) I
thought it was a bad drive so I went and got seagates tools to check it out.
Major errors in partition 1 & 2 which were labeled as file structure errors.
Minor disk surface error. The cause was listed as usually, an inproper
shutdown & to run normal maintenance tools to clear it up. Problem is I
can't even get to the recovery console. I use the XP disk & load the drivers
for the via serial raid. Takes me to the screen with choices of continue,
repair or exit. I select R it stalls @ examining disk...never get to the
recovery console. Please Help!


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