File Locking and Slow Logins


Andre Southgate

Hi There!

I have a win2k sp4 server on a brand new ml350 compaq server
with 2GB of Memory.

a few of the people on the network are having troubles with
slow logins, and quite a number are having trouble with file
locking occuring, even when we have turned off opurtunstic
locking on the server. Every few days we need to reboot to
have the files released. I can't see where they are
currently been held open. Where would i look for that

The slow login problems only are occuring with 2 people. If
I rename thier profile folder and copy over the template
folder, they login fast once, and then when they logout or
login subsequently, its slow again. They also sometimes get
errors with drives not being mapped. We had a dns problem
but it looks to be solved as the other 30 people login/out

We are running the following:

Edirectory 8703
ST Bernard for Open File Manager
Backup Exec 9
Groupwise MTA, POA and GWIA
Terminal Services is being used by us in troubleshooting the
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition.

I notice that in the open files part of the computer
management console, that the users who are logged in are all
using files from the servers "installs" folder like winzip's
quickpick tray..This seems strange given those programs are
installed locally..

Any ideas anyone.. this is causing a major problem


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