Figure and Table Captions



In Word 2003, can the Figure or Table caption formatting be different in the
List of of Figures or Tables than how it is inserted in a document ?

User wants the Figures and Tables to appear as: Figure 1 (space, space)
Text and Table 1 (space, space) Text within the document, but in the List of
Tables and List of Figures in the Table of Contents section, wants to exclude
the label when it is pulled into the Listing (example: 1 (tab) Text.......

Inserting a Figure or Table caption in Word 2003 by way of
Insert>Reference>Caption... the default Figure or Table, as applied in the
document produces: Figure 1 Text (or Table 1 Text) etc. I know the label can
be excluded from the caption itself in the document, but the user wants it
both ways.... Is this a can or cannot do for Word?

Regards, Lenny



Stefan Blom

One way is to manually split each caption paragraph by pressing Enter after
the label, and then format the actual text (the number and the rest of the
caption) in a different style (you can call it something like "Rest of figure
caption"), and build the table of figures based on that style. Finally you
will have to format the paragraph mark following the caption label as hidden
text, so that the text appears to be a single paragraph on print. (For
tables, you would have to proceed in a similar manner, of course.)

Figure ¶ <--- Format this para mark as hidden text
1 Figure text here. <--- Apply a particular style here

Alternatively, you can use XE (table of contents entry) fields create your
custom list of figures (and list of tables). See

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