False positive



It finds Messenger Plus as an adware installer:

Messenger Plus!
Type: Adware Bundler
Threat Level: High
Author: Patchou

Description: Messenger Plus! is an add-on for MSN
Messenger. Messenger Plus! installs an optional adware
called C2Media which is also known as LOP.com.

Advice: This software is not necessarily adware. However,
it does install other adware programs as well as perform
potential hazardous actions on your computer. In either
case this software is not to be trusted.
Since this application gives you the option to not install
the adware that comes bundled, we recommend ignoring it.

About Adware Bundler: A Bundler is a software program that
installs adware on your computer either with your
permission or without. Most of the software classified as
a bundler requires that the adware program(s) be installed
in order for the actual software to complete installation
or run. In addition in most cases if the adware is removed
the software will seize to function as well.

Messenger Plus does offer you the ability to support them
but in NO way requires it. In fact, what they do
accomplish is removing the adware junk in MSN Messenger,
which btw, I notice Microsoft's little tool doesn't detect
as adware. Funny how MS's own adware products get by with
no detection and tools used to remove MS's adware junk are
flagged as "Threat Level: High"

What junk. We'll stick with real antispyware/anti-adware
tools. BTW, the tool may be beta but it's based on mature
technology so don't whine saying "it's a beta, give it a
chance". If there was a program bug that's one thing, but
the definitions appear to just be brought over from
Giant's tool.


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