Exchange Server Configuration



When we originally pushed office 2003, we configured a mst file with the
exchange server settings and a %username% for a profile.

Within the last month, new pcs that have office pushed to them and they open
up Outlook, it doesn't automatically configure the exchange server with the
profile %username%. Nothing has changed in the office install. This install
worked and anyone sitting down at a newly imaged pc or a pc that was not
their's would automatically configure and run Outlook.

Several software have been pushed to pcs since and a global cleanup of
policies have been pushed. Some softwares are Symantec EV, Microsoft Live
Meeting, Live Communicator, LiveLink, etc. Also, we have had several problems
with old policy files causing all kinds of problems (especially on W2K
machines) under c:\winnt\system32\grouppol* We have opted to delete all
these directories and let the new group policies push.

Whenever a person goes into Outlook with the core icon, it runs the progress
bar--where does this information from the MST reside (ex: the name of the
exchange server and the default profile for Outlook that should be
utilized--ex: %username%)?



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