Exchange/Outlook/Calendaring question


Clayton Sutton

Hey everyone,

We are a running Win2k3 domain with Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003.

I have a user that is a delegate on her boss's calendar. As a result she
get a copy of any meeting requests that comes to him. However, there are
two issues that we would like to fine a solution for:

1. If her boss accepts the meeting request she does NOT get notified that
he accepted it. Is there a way she can be notified if he accepts or
declines the meeting. (She does get a copy of the meeting request, just not
her boss's "Accept" or "Decline").

2. If her BOSS puts an item on his own calendar she know nothing about it
unless she looks at his calendar. Is there a way that she can be notified
of items that he puts on his OWN calendar?




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I don't believe there is a way to accomplish either of these things...she
will just have to look at his calendar...




Why don't you set her up so that her boss' calendar is opened automatically
when she starts her copy of Outlook? With the proper access rights, she'll
be able to add and delete items and see all other items no matter where the
come form (although I think details are not displayed for items marked

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