Exchange 2003 & Outlook 2003



We have a Windows 2003 Small Business Server. We use the Microsoft POP3 connector to get mail from a mailbox at our ISP and deliver it an Exchange 2003 user mailbox. The user collects the mail from her Exchange 2003 mailbox using Outlook 2003.
Everything was working fine - "was" is the key word.

It stopped functioning correctly after I:
- Loaded the following KB's onto the server
890923, 893066, 893086, 890859, 842773 & Microsoft Installer 3.1
- Rebooted the server as per the upgrade instructions.

I had also upgraded the users PC from Windows XP SP1 to XP SP2.

What happens is this:
I can see Exchange is going to the ISP and collecting mail as it should. The Messages Pending Submission Queue shows 'Active' and 124 messages (and climbing)
Outlook 2003 is sending and receiving (as seen in the bottom right hand corner of the Outlook screen) so it thinks.
I have verified through CE&ICW that mail is to be delivered to the appropriate users mailbox.

I have tried:
Force Connection on the Messages Pending submission
Freeze and Unfreeze Messages Pending submission
Stopping and starting Exchange 2003
removing the Exchange server entry in Outlook 2003 and reentering it.
Verified that the mail is to be kept on the server through Tools menu in the users mailbox.

Any suggestions on how to get Outlook 2003 talking to the Exchange 2003 server again would be appreciated.


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