Excel opens in Autosave.How do I delete it so it opens in Book1?



When Excel is opened it opens as PersonalAutosave. I can close this and
Book1 is open which can be used. How can I delete PersonalAutosave and just
have Excel open in Book1? I have uninstalled Microsoft Office 2007 and
reinstalled it to no avail. This is happening in the limited access Windows
account. In the full access account Excel is working properly. Any advice
would be appreciated.



Dave Peterson

So you see a workbook named PersonalAutoSave in excel's titlebar?

If yes, then type this into A1:
(don't change it from those characters)

This will show you the path, filename and even worksheet name.

Close excel and then open windows explorer.
Traverse to that folder and delete (or move to a nice save location) that file.

Another way is to open excel
With personalautosave the activeworkbook:
File|Properties|General Tab
(in xl2003 menus)

You'll see the file location there, too.

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