Excel File Not Opening after saving in 97/2000



This is what happened.
I exported a table from Access 2000 to Excel 2000.
Then I opened the Excel file. Everything was fine. It
opened as 5.0/95 so I saved it as 97/2000.
Went back to Access and exported the same table to the
same Excel file. No message window opened to ask me if I
wanted to replace the existing file with this one. It
just went ahead and exported the data.
Now when I go to open the excel file an error window
comes up telling me that there is an error and that excel
must shutdown. The file does not open.
Why can I not open this file after it was saved in
97/2000 format? Should I have left it in 5.0/95 format?
It seems as though exporting from Access into a 97/2000
Excel format has corrupted the file. Why?
If anyone can help me on this I would be so ever grateful
because there is a VERY IMPORTANT spreadsheet in this
file. I need to get it open. Thank you in advance.


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