Excel crash when exiting with the Workbook open

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Alain Vaillancourt

Excel crash when exiting the application with the Workbook open, if I close
the workbook before exiting the application there is no error.

I found that Excel is running the event Change of a ComboBox of a Worksheet
everytime I close, even if I didn't make any modification in any Worksheet.
If I put a breakpoint in the first line of the procedure and then stop the
execution Excel exit with no error but if I continue the execution it will

The code work with no problem while the Workbook is open but if I remove it
Excel doesn't crash anymore when exiting...

Here is the code:
Private Sub Language_Change()
Select Case UCase([Lang_ID])
Case "FR"
Sheet1.Name = "Revenus"
Sheet2.Name = "Dépenses"
Case "EN"
Sheet1.Name = "Income"
Sheet2.Name = "Expenses"
End Select
End Sub

I tried it with Excel 2000, 2002 and 2003 with the following differences:

In Excel 2000 if a change the content of any cell on a Worksheet that have
code it would not crash but it need to be a Worksheet that contain code and
not need to be the offending one but need to have some. If I change a cell
in a Worksheet without code it will still crash on exiting.

In Excel 2002 it will always crash on exiting.

In Excel 2003 it never crash at all



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