Excel 97 won't save workbook



I have looked through all the other discussions and don't
see the problem I am having. File server is running Win
2003 server. Workstations are running Win98SE or
Win2000pro. Excel is from Office 97 Pro. Ever since
changing to the Windows 2003 server for storing files, we
have had various users unable to save various (not all)
Excel 97 spreadsheets that have been in existence for a
long time. When the file is being saved, there are NO
error messages. It appears to be hung. Task manager shows
Excel as "not responding". After killing the process and
checking the file server, there is a file on the server
with no extension and a name that is a mix of letters and
numbers. The size of the file is directly proportional to
how long the user waited before ending the task. Some have
been as large as 200MB. It would appear that the file is
stuck in a loop, yet these are very UNCOMPLICATED
spreadsheets and were never a problem when the file server
was running WinNT 4.0. I can open the file, save it under
a new name and then have the user work with that file, but
eventually, it 'bombs' again. I think this has to do with
the new file server being Windows 2003 server (standard
edition), but I have not found any information relating to
this type of problem. Any input would be most
appreciated. I now have 4 users having this problem.
Thanks, Barb.


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