Excel 2003 SP1 and "Save As" not working properly



Windows 2000 Professional user receives an Outlook 2003 e-mail with an Excel
Workbook attached. She opens from Outlook in Excel 2003 and clicks on
"File>Save As" and before she can type in the path, it tries to save it it
to: Folder "Q3MZ63EX" with the path as: "C:\Documents and
Settings\twatson\Local Settings|Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5".
In the "Save As" dialog box it displays an "hourglass" that stays on forever
and never saves, so user cannot change path, but has to CTRL+ALT+DEL to stop
the task.

Under "Temporary Internet Files" in Internet Explorer we have deleted
Cookies, Files and Settings and cleared History.

We have verified that all the paths under "Tools/Options General/Default
File Location" are correct and under "Tools/Save/Autorecover Save Location"
is also correct.

Has anyone had this happen before? What could create this issue? How do
we correct it?


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