Excel 2000 SP3 Cannot Open Shared Workbook




Our company 2005 Budget is a 3 Megabyte Excel worksheet that is shared and
located on a Windows 2000 server. Everyone who has access to the
spreadsheet can access it easily with the exception of one machine/user.
This user recently had their PC rebuilt with a fresh install of XP, SP2 and
Office 2000 with all the Windows Update and Office Update Patches.

When the problem user opens the spreadsheet it shows "not responding" after
a few seconds. If we unshare the worksheet they get in fine. So far, I
have done the following:

1) Replaced NIC and cables.
2) Reinstalled Office with all Excel options.
3) Tested Excel in safe mode - same result
4) Disabled the WinXP SP2 firewall.

I am running out of ideas and need your help.




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