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To Leynie From Kelsie

So my mom wasn't mad at me but Wesley was play a STUPID GAME THAT HE CAN'T
PLAY (because it has power in it). And I had fun over there and I was so
sure that I will live soon so I guess and I guess that my mom do trust me
and 14 will the best year of me life but not when the GREAT things in life
come. Hallie will be 1 and that the best of best day of and mother life and
it be so happy for Charity (kelsie's sister) and she will have three
birth-day-day party so it will be on Friday and me dad will have to miss it
..So we will like if Saturday will have Hallie birthday party from the
JOHNSON'S FAMILY. And have fun on Monday I have to sleep and you will see it
but tomorrow and this has done @ 11:56 pm ON March 21,2010 Sunday

P.S. Don't have a lot of homework because I will have some because I have
school and I am get @6:30 am (Mom have to work tonight and the people she
work are name Scooter,Debbie,and Mrs. Johnson and me and I will sleep are
night long and she be work some more days too and we are to Wal-Mart and
anything places she want to go and if I say have a cold she may live me home
when she shop not are day long).


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