Event 5783


Roger T

Anyone had any experience dealing with Event 5783? I'm
suddenly having trouble connecting my Win 2000 database
server (SP4) with my network for backup purposes. Though
I can browse the network interactively - both the DFS tree
and the direct server shares - when I go to do a backup
across the network, the backup errors out with a variety
of messages. Sometimes it's OS Error 1326 (unkonwn user
name or bad password), other times it's OS Error 3 (The
system cannot find the path specified). I'm running SQL
Server 2000, but I don't think the DB is the problem: I
think it's something in the NetLogon at system startup.

Looking in my system log, I find that on startup I've got
two warnings: one is 8021, but before that is Event 5783,
with the following text:

The session setup to the Windows NT or Windows 2000 Domain
Controller \\JCK4.jck1.net for the domain JCK10 is not
responsive. The current RPC call from Netlogon on \\I4100
to \\JCK4.jck1.net has been cancelled.

Searching the knowledge base, the only reference to that
problem is KB Article 810402, Clients Cannot Join a Domain
with Norton Internet Security 2002. I don't have Norton
at all, so I'm mystified as to where this might be coming

The domain controller here is a Win2003 Server box. I've
tried setting up backup devices and doing backups across
the network from some of the other SQL Server machines,
and it works fine.

Thanks for any help!




Did anyone ever figure this one out? I'm having a similar problem with
my Win2000 server in my Win2003 Active Directory Domain. I get this
error when I'm trying to back it up and the server loses all
communication to the domain.

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