Error Messages with BCM 2007




I took a look at the Event Viewer<Windows Logs<Application this morning and
saw a number of errors related to the BCM database. (Many of these were Event
ID 824; these indicate a severe error condition that threatens database

I attempted to run check for errors within Business Contact Manager; but, I
receive an error message once this starts that states: "Some errors were
found that cannot be fixed. Please restore a backed up database to continue
working. Any changes made to that database after it was backed up will be

I restored a previous backup and attempted to check it for errors, only to
find it resulted in the same message. Going back through the event log, I
find that this errror has been occuring for some time.

I am able work with BCM; but, obviously, there is something wrong.

Is there some way to correct this problem? Or, should I just live with it,
since it has not resulted in any problems. I have much older back-ups; but, I
would lose a lot of data.

Thanks for any help that can be offered.



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