error message "problem with shortcut"



I can easily navigate to all of the shared drives on the different
workstations in my network ( a mix of winXP pro and win98SE ) if I use my
Network Places, My Computer or windows explorer to navigate to them.
But... If I try to open a shared drive on the network using the open command
in an application, like PhotoShop or DreamWeaver I get an error popup

Problem With Shortcut
The drive or network connection that the shortcut "target.lnk" refers to is
unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource
is available, then try again.

when you click "OK" the shared drive opens and all is well. I've searched my
workstation ( winXP pro ) for any reference to "target.lnk" but cant find
this error message is only associated with certain apps. there is no error
message when using Corel WordPerfect.

is there any solution to this minor annoyance?


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