Error 5: Access denied when configuring RAS as domain admin



My VPN server is not responding to outside connection attempts. I check
Routing and Remote Access on the server and it shows the service as started.
However, I cannot change or stop the service, as every time I try I get an
Error 5: Access is Denied message.

If I go into Routing and Remote Access under Administrative Tools, my server
is listed with a red stop sign icon. Again, trying to view or change
anything results in Access Denied. It asks for credentials, I enter the
domain administrator account credentials and it says I don't have sufficient
privileges to view the properties or change the service.

If I try to log in with my own user account (which is in the Domain Admins
group) I get the error "The credentials you supplied conflict with an
existing set of credentials."

What's going on here?


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