Epson c80



I just replaced my epson 600 with an epson c80 and I have a serious problem
printing enevelopes. The c80 combinded with wordperfect 10 insists upon
printing the envelope information on the far left to a page. I can't place
the envelope there because there is no way to guide the paper. I'm using
workperfect 10 (but 8 does the same thing with this printer). the 600 had
no problem printing envelopes. I've tried epson help and they were
responsive but did not seem understand the problem. Corel was no help at

I've tried every reasonable thing imaginable and some unreasonable with no
luck. It still wants to print on the left side of the paper instead of the

Has anyone else experienced this problem and does anyone have a solution??

Thanks for listening.


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