Empty GAL after migration and mailbox move from exchange 5.5 to 2003



Hi all

I would apreciate any fast help to this topic because it was very unexpected due to testing of the whole migration before
The scenario is that I migrated an Exchange 5.5 server to 2003. All deployment tools didn't report any errors. The only problem is that after the migration, if you move a user to the new Exchange 2003 server store, the client is not able to browse the GAL. It is empty an an error message appears, advising you that the server of the Global Address list is no longer available. This is regardless of which server is listed on top of the "Directory access" pane in System Manager. All GC's work correctly, DNS and WINS is clean. If the mailbox is back ob the 5.5 server the GAL is displayed because queried from the 5.5 server. I'm using Outlook 2000

Is there a permissions pane I missed to check? Is the GAL not displayed before an offline Address Book is generated
Or something I did wrong or forget

Any help would be very good



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