email only current entry, not the past data



Hi All,

I have a userform that accepts user inputs and emails it to me once users
click "Submit". before being emailed they are stored in a workbook on shared

What is happening is: this workbook that is emailed to me stores all the
data that users input through userform, and hence is emailing me the whole
workbook with all data.

what I want: I want to reveive just the current users data. I dont want to
receive the entire workbook, but the current data that has been inputed by
the last user only.

I hope I made it clear

Thanks in Advance



Patrick Molloy

you're not clear here - is the userform data stored separately ? its should
be raltively painless to save the data into another - say timestamped -
workbook in a particular folder, prior to any processing as soon as submit
was clicked. that would make life a lot easier


Thanks for the help patrick, the userform data is stored in the same
workbook. Is there a way to email just the current user input (for eg, the
last row updated in the workbook) and not old data?

For eg, the workbook stores all the user inputs, each user inputs are stored
in a new row such as:

Name Address Phno Zip
pat 1 s dr 12345
neal 2 n dr 33434
sam 3 w dr 34344

What I want is: when neal inputs his info through the user form, I want his
info to be mailed and not pat and neals

when sam inputs his info through the user form, I want sams info to be
mailed and not pat, neal and sams.

Rite now its mailing the whole workbook, is there a way to mail just the
users info?

Hope I made it clear

Thanks in Advance


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