Email hyperlinks - the inverse problem



When I type an email address into a cell, Excel automagically turns i
into a mailto: hyperlink. When I copy the email address text fro
elsewhere and then paste it into a cell, Excel does not.

I know how to make the pasted email address strings into hyperlinks on
at a time. The problem is that I have have columns of 150 or so emai
addresses that I paste in. (Actually, they are being written in via an
ODBC connection - same problem.)

The only think I have come up with is devote a second column, say B
with B1 having =HYPERLINK(A1), etc. and then paste into (hidden) colum

Anyone know a way to pre-format the cells as hyperlinks so that th
email addresses will turn into hyperlinks when written or pasted in? O
another approach?




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