DVD drive not recognized outside of Safe Mode Admin


Attack Pug

Hi y'all.

I've just installed a new motherboard, graphics card and hard drive, keeping
my old DVD RW drive. I installed XP on the new drive, also installing the
Chipset and graphic card drivers as well as all other XP drivers that came
with the mobo and graphics card installation CDs. Everything seems to be
working to spec; I also upgraded to SP3.

Unfortunately, the DVD drive doesn't work outside of Safe
Mode/Administrator. The Device Manager profile (when viewed in my 'normal' XP
user account) shows the device (Panasonic DVR 110D) and that it's working
properly. When I view the device within 'My Computer', it only shows it as a
'CD drive' and hangs when selected, including when I press 'Eject disc' from
the side bar.

Is this an XP-related issue, or is it a connection within the computer that
needs addressing?


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