Duplicate Recurring Meetings in Outlook 2007


Bob Randall

OK, I have a strange issue that has been happening to several people that I
know of so far. Our environment is Outlook 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007
(either SP1 or 2, not sure), and Windows XP Professional.

Occasionally when a person creates a recurring appointment in Outlook and
they open it to either add content to the meeting request (they are the
organizer) or add an attachment, two copies of the meeting will appear on
the Organizers calendar. If the person was the organizer and they try and
delete that duplicate appointment, BOTH instances will be deleted from the
organizers calendar and all of the attendees will receive a meeting cancelled
notification and it will dissapear from their calendars as well (by the way,
the Attendees only have one copy of the meeting on thier calendar when this
happens to the Organizer).

This doesnt happen all of the time, but it has happened to several people
(that I know of). We DO run in cached mode in Outlook, and I have taken the
systems out of cached mode to see the live mailbox online, and multiple
copies of the meeting will be there. Does anyone know what is going on and
how the meetings can be cleaned up?



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