Duplicate Logical Drive Mysteriously Appears


Paul Homchick

Well, it's mysterious to me.

I have a copy of Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition that has decided to
"duplicate" one of my logical drives. When I look at "My computer" with
Explorer, I have an F: drive (Dynamic) and an H: drive that are exact
duplicates (volume id, size, files, etc.). When I use Disk Manager to look
at volumes and devices, that device only has a single volume (F:) on it,
which how it should be. The server ran correctly for weeks and one day this
duplicate drive appeared.

If I modify the F: drive (the correct one) by adding a new folder, it does
not appear on the H: drive, so it isn't a virtual link. It's like at some
point, a copy was made of the drive information. After shutting down and
rebooting, this new folder appears on the H: drive.

I deleted the drive key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices
(\DOSDevices\H:) but it reappeared after rebooting.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this, and how can I remove it? I
can't imagine it is good!

Thanks for any help!

-Paul Homchick


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