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kevin Coleclough

I manage a W2K Citrix XP network (network A). Some users
connected to another network (network B) connect to
network A to run published applications. They have a
shared area on network B that they want access to from the
published apps, so I've given them a drive mapping in
their login script to do this, using a fixed username and
password supplied by network B administraor.

That seems to work fine, however, occasionally when one of
the users logs in to network A, they are prompted for a
password to connect to the shared area on network B. I
could be wrong, but I'm thinking that once the user logs
in for the first time and the drive is mapped, it then
keeps it as a permanent mapping, but because it requires a
different username and password, it prompts the user.
Does this sound right? If so, is there a way around it,
or a better way of mapping a drive for these users?





You may input the username & password in the logon script

e.g. net use \\computername\sharename /user:domainname\username password


Kevin Coleclough

Already doing that. As I mentioned, the mapping works
fine, I'm just wondering whether it needs to be
disconnected when the user logs off to prevent a problem
next time.

Another issue is that this mapping is only for certain
users, hence it is only mapped in their login scripts.
However, other users get prompted for the password when
they logon, even though they have never been given access
to the mapping!

-----Original Message-----
You may input the username & password in the logon script

e.g. net use
\\computername\sharename /user:domainname\username password


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