drive letters on svr 2k to 03 ent



tried to do an uograde from svr00 to svr03, i have a 3 phys hd (ide)
2 drives on a stripe (sata) and 2 scsi drives striped, now my boot.ini is
0/0/0/1, but it shows as my d (letter) drive, can i swap c and d?

during the upgrade it failed and there was no way to go forward or back so i
unplugged the sata and the scsi, i guess thats how the letters got messed up
another interesting thing when the system boots, it posts then polls the
scsi and drive 1 says its c, and drive 2 says its d, then it polls the sata.
but even w/the scsi saying they are c and d it still picked up the master ide
on chnnl 0


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