Drawstring Problems.


Marc Ouellette

Hi All.

In the code below it will output the text string that is using the text from
txtTextToDraw.Text using the font properties of the lblFont. Then problem
is that not matter the font size in the label. It will also DrawString
Bigger. If I change the font type, size of the label the DrawString output
will change but it is always bigger the the font displayed on the label. I
have no idea why this is happening. Any Idea anyone?


Bitmap bm = (Bitmap)Image.FromFile("1.jpg");
Graphics GraphText = Graphics.FromImage(bm);
Brush br=new SolidBrush(picFontColor.BackColor);
GraphText.DrawString(txtTextToDraw.Text, lblFont.Font, br, 0, 0);


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