Distribution List Recipients Receive Two Emails


James Robinson

I am sending mail to a distribution list. Some recipients
report that they are getting the mail message twice.

When I send the message to email address separately, none
of the recipients get a second copy.

I thought it could be email forwarding setup at the
recipients end, e.g. company.com has their email server
setup to forward (e-mail address removed) email to
(e-mail address removed) and both names are in my distribution
list, but some recipients getting double emails are the
only recipient at their company/domain.

I have deleted and rebuilt my distribution list from
scratch to ensure that there are no duplicates in it.

There are no other distribution inside of my distribution

The people who are getting the double emails are not
always from the same company. All of the addresses are
external email addresses, i.e. not from my company.

There are 21 recipients. 8 of them get dups.

When split into two lists, list A has all duplicate
receivers, and they still get duplicates. List B has all
non-dups and they still get no dups.

One of the dup receivers is in another of my distribution
lists and gets dups when I send to that dist. list too.

One user said that the second email comes about 2 minutes
after the first. Is there some kind of time out or
somthing in Exchange that would cause it to resend an


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