Disabling Print Notification



I've read many of the posts in the forum, but have not been able to resolve
my problem.

I have a group of 3 clients running an application through a windows 2000
Citrix server. When any one of the clients sends a report to one of the
printers on the server, all 3 of them receive the pop up print job complete

I've checked on the server itself under File / Server Properties / Advanced
and there is nothing checked in regards to notificaion parameters.

I've checked each of the individual users and not one of them has the above
setting checked off locally.

No modifications were made to any of the client workstations (updates, new
app installs, printers added, etc)
There were however, 3 printers removed and 1 new driver added to one of the
12 or so printers associated to that server.

Would anyone be able to offer advice on how to stop the print notifications?

Thanks so much,


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