Desktop refresh failure


Jim Britain

Windows XP Professional, with all current updates installed

Desktop fails to refresh when adding or deleting files

This problem actually has a couple symptoms.

1. If I delete a file from the destop -- or from within a window
displaying a directory, the file is deleted -- and visible in the
trash, but the image (icon) on the desktop, or displayed directory
does not disappear, until I refresh the screen

2. If I add a file to the desktop by cut and paste, the image does not
appear until after I select refresh with the right mouse button, and
it does not disappear from the directory window until after I refresh
in that window.

3. If I drag a file from an open window to the desktop, the ghost
image is visible while dragging, but again, the desktop, and window
are not updated until after I select them and use refresh on the right
mouse button.


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