Delegates accepting meeting requests and updates - Outlook 2007



Delegates accepting meeting requests and updates - Outlook 2007 on Vista

Troubleshoot a few clients calendar issues. Complaining that when they
accept a meeting or accept an update on a meeting, on behalf of another user,
they are the delegate, the appointments are not showing in the managers
calendar or if accepted an update the appointment disappears from managers
But the delegate can still see the meeting in their outlook when viewing the
managers calendar.
On the reverse side, sometimes in the managers outlook/computer we can see
the meetings and updates
But on the delegates computer, can't see anything or many meetingsmissing in
the calendar (but only on the Vista, can see if use XP/Outlook 2003)
I've run \cleanfreebusy on both computers
confirmed publishing for 12 months
recreated outlook profile, recreated local profile
Just refreshed computers to vista/office 2007. Didn't have any delegate
problems with the calendar on XP/Outlook 2003.
If we view managers calendar on an XP/Outlook 2003 we can some of the
updates and appointments, but not on the vista/outlook 2007.

Any other suggestions or ideas I can look at. Thanks



Alain Schneiter

Sorry, just to let you know:
I have exactly the sam issue using XP Sp2 and Office 2007. In the back we
run Exchange Server 2003.
I recreated mailboxes new on the server but still the same issue after a
while. This probably has to do with the dalegates. But I could not get on the
bottom with this issue.
We also use Blackberry and sometimes appointments are still on the device
but not in OL07.
Has any application engineer an idea?





I have the same issue as well. Using Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 on Vista

I've searched around and the only thing I've found is the recommendation to
have all users select the same response.

I hope someone can explain this one!

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