Delay printjobs with several minutes?


Peter Nilsson

I´m migrating yet another Netware-network to Windows. However
this time I´ve run into a problem wich I need help with.

The customers network in short:
Windows-servers (for the moment in workgroupmode, will be AD later)
Netware-servers with NDS
Windows 2000 and XP clients

The problem:
The customer uses an old DOS-application from where pretty large reports are
printed on a networked printer. When printing to a Netware queue these
prints work fine, but when printing to a shared printer on a Windows-server
something happens and the result is that page 2´s header ends up at the end
of page 1..

I´ve investigated some, and found out a few things:

1. When choosing printer in the application it immediately sends some sort
of formatting-info to the printer(queue). After that it takes very long time
before the actual data leaves the application for the printqueue.

2. Even if I specify "Start print when last page is buffered" the first
"formatting-data" leaves the Window printspooler before the actual data even
has been started to buffer (The first data is only kept for about 20 seconds
by the windows spooler).

3. The printer starts "flashing" like it has recevied some data, but since
it takes such a while before the rest of the job comes, the printer probably
timeout this data and discards it.

I don´t know why the Netware-queue handles this in a different way, but
maybe I could get the Windows Spooler to buffer data for say 3-5 minutes
instead of 20 seconds
before it sends anything at all to the printer. This would probably make all
"DOS-prints" take this long time so it´s not optimal but it´s a solution. Is
there a way to do this or do you have any other suggestions?

Peter Nilsson


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