Default share of Calendar in Outlook 2007




I'm trying to have our research lab share their Outlook calendars with each
other, but I'm running into some problems:

We are all using Outlook 2007 on an Exchange server.

The lab is around 30 people (so manually setting all permissions is not
preferred). We would like all permissions to be set at 'Free/Busy time' so
not all details are visible to everybody.

What I thought that would work: in the calender properties-permission tab,
change the default permission to 'Free/Busy time'. After that click 'Share My
Calendar...' and add all people from our lab to the 'To...' list.
What went wrong: the people I invite are given 'Reviewer' permission,
instead of the default permission I've set.
Also when people ask me to share my Calendar and I accept, they are also
given 'Reviewer' permissions.

I hope that someone has a nice solution to really set the default
permissions for such requests...

Kind regards,




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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