Decimal places in mail merge



I am trying to mail merge from an Excel spreadsheet and one of the fields I
am using is a calculated currency field (weekly pay). The problem I'm having
is because it is a calculated field the decimal point carries out to like 10
places. Here are the different steps I have tried to fix it, all to no avail:

1. In the Excel spreadsheet I have replaced the formulas with the values
and set the format to number with the decimal places at two. In the merge it
still carries it out 10 or so places.

2. In the Excel spreadsheet I have set the values format as general, with 2
decimal places. In the merge it still carries it out 10 or so places.

3. I have physicall gone and re-typed the values in Excel so that there
were only 2 decimal places physically entered in the cell. If I set the cell
format to text it merges fine. But, if I set the cell value to number (so I
can have the thousands comma) some of the values it will still carry out 10
places even though I only physically entered 2 numbers after the decimal
place. For example. The first number is typed in Excel as 1870.22 and that
merges fine. The next number is typed in Excel as 1321.15 but it merges
1321.150000000001. Those other numbers were never typed in and I can't
figure out why it is arbitrarily picking numbers to do that to!

I have already gone in and just set all the numbers to text and am
physically adding the commas in, but I was wondering if anyone knew the
answer or reason behind this. It's driving me crazy!


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