Debugging web service from winforms app




I'm using VB.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003

I have a windows forms app that references a web service. In the past I was
always able to debug the web service by placing a breakpoint on the line of
code in the client where the web method was called, stepping in via F11, and
also having a breakpoint in the asmx file for the web service itself (on the
web method sub).This resulted in a slight delay and then I was able to debug
the web service, no problem.

Now for some reason, It never hits the break point in the web service, it
steps into a disassembly view where I can sort of step through the code but
this is not how it used to work, and not how I want to debug. I'm not sure
what changed that caused this behavior but it's quite frustrating.

Both the winforms app and the web service are within my single solution.

I have tried rebuilding, re-creating the web reference, etc. ASP.NET
debugging is enabled on the VB project. Can anybody point me in the right

Greg L.


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