Dealing with Daylight Savings and Time Zones



Here is my situation:

My MS Exchange server sits in another country and time
zone. I am using my PC in New York and synchronizing.

Currently, the local time on my PC (which is set by
synching to the exchange computer abroad) is set for the
correct time relative to local time in the other country.
It shows up as proper EST currently.

However, when I receive calendar appointments that are set
here in the US as opposed to the other country, they are
always showing up in my calendar ONE HOUR EARLY.

If I go into the time setting on my computer and CHECK the
Adjust for Daylight Savings tab, then the time shown on my
computer ends up being one hour too LATE as opposed to the
correct time. Also the time zone between NY and the other
country is now off by an hour. However meetings I am
invited to here in the US appear at the right time.

I understand there is something happening with the
Daylight Savings switch but I cant figure out what I can
do to solve this problem so:
1. The time on my computer is correct
2. The time difference relative to the other country is
3. Meetings set up here in the US show at the right time

Help please?
2. The time difference




I am having a similar problem. I am syncing my laptop and desktop via my PDA. When I sync via my PDA from one computer to the other it always changes by appt. times by 1 hour. Frustrating! It also changes some of my recurring dates to a multi-day or puts them 1 day early. What can be done about this?

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