DCOM error Access Denied in service


Otis Bricker

This may be something obvious but I am missing it. W2k Client and Server
used thoughout.

I have an NT service that creates gets an interface to a COM server(.exe) I
wrote. When I have the service run as an administrator, it accesses the
SERVER fine. If I access the SERVER from a GUI on the same machine, logged
in as a non-admin, all is fine. But when I have the service run as that
non-admin, CoCreateInstance for the server fails and I get a message in the
event log saying that there was a DCOM error:

Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is:
The user is UserName/DomainName, SID=S-1-5-21-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-

The instance of the SERVER should be running on the same machine as the
SERVICE. And is created calling:

ICnvApplictionPtr m_papp; //com_ptr_t<ICnvApplication>


So I would think DCOM should be able to stay out of this.

I can create an ADODB::ConnectionPtr in the same thread with CLSCTX_ALL and
it works fine as the non-admin;

This has bugged me all week. Could someone point out where the hole in my
head is?



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